Breath Test Preparation

Preparation Instructions for Lactose Intolerance and Bacterial Overgrowth Breath Tests

**Plan to be in the office for 3 hours for this test.**
The Entire Day Before Your Test
You May Eat:

  1. Plain White Bread
  2. Plain White Rice
  3. Plain White Potato
  4. Baked or Boiled Chicken/Fish (not fried)
  5. Black Coffee or Tea (no dairy)
  6. Eggs (ANY STYLE)
  7. Water

You May Not Eat:

  1. Dairy Products
  2. Pasta
  3. Beans
  4. Red Meat
  5. Carbonated or Alcoholic Beverages
  6. Butter or Margarine
  7. Fruits or Vegetables

*Nothing By Mouth 12 Hours Prior to Your Appointment*
The Day of Your Test

  • DO NOT chew gum or tobacco, smoke cigarettes, eat breath mints or candy 1 hour before or during your test
  • DO NOT exercise or sleep 1 hour before or during your test
  • NO taking any antibiotics 2 weeks prior to your test
  • NO use of laxatives (Miralax is OK) 1 week prior to your test
  • DO brush your teeth prior to the test

*Please Take All Your Medications the Morning of the Test*
(with a small amount of water)